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Yahoo Ads

What is Yahoo Ads?

Yahoo is platform for native advertising and mobile search ads. You know the sponsored articles that flow through Yahoo’s home page and in other sections of the site? Those are posted through Yahoo Gemini. Think of it as a Yahoo sponsored post. No, it’s not some algo-update you have to worry about, or even a new app you have to learn. What Yahoo does is get your message out to millions of potential customers. This platform for native ads on Yahoo and it’s gaining ground, especially now that mobile is dominating.

Things really began to pick up for Yahoo in the fall of this year. In September it was announced that Yahoo native ads would now include video format. This spurred Marketing Land to write in October that “Yahoo is steadily ramping up capabilities.”

We know that yahoo ads are performing better, yet Google is still taking up a good chunk of the market. So far Bing Ads remain popular but Yahoo ads seems to be crowding into their mobile share. You’re going to see a lot more on Yahoo ads 2016 unfolds. By staying up to date on industry news, you will get ahead this year.

Advantages of Yahoo Ads

Email Like a Pro:

With Yahoo's Standard Yahoo Mail service, you can send email, receive it, manage contacts and maintain a calendar. All Yahoo mail is 100 percent encrypted and users have 1TB of storage to hold emails and files. You can also sign up for Yahoo Ad Free Mail. You'll pay a monthly fee for it, but unlike Standard Yahoo Mail, Ad Free Mail doesn't display ads, and Yahoo never deactivates it for nonuse. If regular email messages don't seem personal enough, use the built-in Yahoo Web Messenger to chat with others right from your email page. Some competing email services do not provide this type of messaging capability.

Explore Advanced Communication Methods:

Although you can send instant messages from your Yahoo Mail page, you have the option to install Yahoo Messenger on your computer and mobile phone. With it, you can chat with others via voice and webcam. Messenger supports SMS and IM, and you can share photos and large files with chat partners. You can also use the program to make PC-to-phone calls. Some other services such as Skype and Google have similar software, but Yahoo's service is handy for communicating with other Yahoo members.

Grab Some Free Code:

Getting Web apps to work correctly in all browsers can be challenging. Yahoo, unlike some Web companies, solves this problem by giving Web developers free access to its massive Yahoo User Interface Library. Containing free CSS and JavaScript code, the YUI consists of lightweight code you can use to build fast, scalable Web projects that can enhance your Web pages and make them more interactive.

Go Social Using Yahoo:

Tumblr and Flickr, once independent blog and photo sites, now belong to Yahoo. Sign up for a Tumblr ID to create your own blog posts and share them with the world. Flickr is a free service where you view and share high-quality photos with the Flickr community.

Search the Web Using Yahoo:

When you need to know the distance to Mars or a good quiche recipe, type your query into a Yahoo Search box to discover the answer. Like Google, Yahoo indexes the Web and makes information from Web pages available to Web searches. If you sign up for a Yahoo account, you gain additional benefits, such as the ability to view your search history. One of the advantages of using Yahoo Search over some smaller search engines is Bing. At the time of publication, Yahoo uses Microsoft's Bing search technology to perform searches.

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