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Window Server

What is Window Server?

Windows web hosting is a web hosting platform based on Microsoft Windows servers and technologies. In windows hosting, we’ll provide IIS web server (Internet Information Server), .NET, ASP.NET Application frameworks, Microsoft SQL Server and Plesk control panel for hosting features. Fast Webhost is a leading provider of Windows web hosting in India. You reached the right place for Windows and ASP.NET web hosting.

Microsoft Technology designed Windows hosting which is backed by a paid license. This is considered as one of the most recommended Web hosting solution as it is used by 95% of engineers and web developers. It is needless to say that all the Microsoft applications are integrated on this hosting platform without any issue. Those who are using ASP.NET framework they are always recommended to use the windows hosting servers. The users for the ASP.NET environment get benefited by using windows as the application runs easily and effectively in it. It turns to be a perfect for higher stability even with greater amount of loads. In a nutshell it is easy, effective and worthy of the price invested on it.

Benefits of Window Server:

The most important advantage of such hosting is that an individual can enjoy almost all the facilities of a Dedicated Hosting without really spending too much for the plan. This is one of the main reasons for the popularity of the windows VPS Hosting provider. This type of plan is also widely used by the resellers as well as by the developers.

It is also very easy to maintain a Windows VPS Hosting account than it is possible with a dedicated server. Thus the Businesses can save a lot of money by choosing such service and it is not needed to call external party to maintain the server or solve any issue with the server.

Also, Windows VPS Hosting comes with very simple equipment. You will not need any physical system to deal with when you choose any such plan. This makes the handling of such plan much easier. It will be the responsibility of the cheap windows VPS Hosting provider to manage the Windows VPS on your behalf. Thus the technical issues can be resolved very quickly. There are many hosting providers who may charge for the managing the issues and you need to check this before signing up with a host.

The windows VPS Hosting provider will be always there monitoring the use of the Windows system and will also alert you if any potential problem is noticed. Thus, you will be saved from any unforeseen problems that may arise from time to time.

Benefits of Window Server:

The .Net framework:

It is a perfect choice for websites relying on .net visual basics. It is actually the only choice that provides the requirement to accomplish building a website using .net languages.

Extensions on front page:

In case you are using Microsoft front page web design program, using windows hosting will make your work much easier. You will not have to struggle and worry much in ensuring that your server supports web extensions.

Easy to use:

Almost every computer user is familiar with windows operating system. Windows server learns almost the same as a windows operating system. This makes it easy for anyone one using windows server has an easy time.

Access compatibility:

For websites that require to collect their data from an access database, windows hosting is their best choice. It is able to integrate database seamlessly.

Compatibility and ranging support:

Various developers have created applications that are compatible with windows based servers. From internet information services, to SQL, all these applications are designed to support one another and are compatible to windows based server. The same can hardly be said about Linux and Unix.

Cost effectiveness:

Windows hosting is quite affordable. You can get a feature rich hosting plan on windows at a very low cost.

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