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What is WhatsApp Marketing?

Whatsapp marketing is a brand new marketing channel to engage and re-engage your visitors/clients. Whatsapp Marketing Service helps users to send bulk whatsapp messages to their existing users as well as for marketing purpose. Use it to send whatsapp messages containing text, images, audio and video clips.

We are WhatsApp marketing service provider in Mumbai and are opening doors of promotion for companies. We have a strong relationship building strategies that will retain the current relation of our clients. Moreover, another action plan for the creation of a new client is also very effective. There are various promotional activities of products and services but the bulk WhatsApp service is the most effective one. As we are working on our client’s project we found that this medium is an excellent way to connect to customer and send messages directly to them. This will mainly prove beneficial for the local business. In a single day, we can deliver messages to 50 lakh people.

We prove our Services all over the world. in our Services Bulk Whats App Text, Images, Audio, Videos, etc. our Un-interrupted Services will provide you maximum 100% delivery services to reach the maximum of customers. our repetitive Network Servers ensure 100% sent delivery.

Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing?

  • Offer WhatsApp Marketing Services to your Clients.
  • Grow their Business by doing WhatsApp Marketing.
  • Best Returns on Investment (ROI), Offer attractive Rates.
  • It’s much better than Social Media. Tell this to your Clients.
  • Marketing on WhatsApp is the Best way to get Leads, New Customers & Promote Brands.
  • Almost Instant Customer Response!
  • Give Project Info, Offers, New Launches, Brand Promotions Facebook and Instagram Links.

Advantages of WhatsApp Marketing?

  • 100% Delivery on Whats App Number
  • Text SMS Send Maximum 1500 Character, 4 Images Send in One Time, VCard Send
  • Total 1 Text, 4 Image, 1 PDF, 1 Audio, 1 Video & 1 VCard Send in One Time Image format is .jpg, .gif, .png Then you need to send the WA on filtered database.
  • WhatsApp SMS Send Monday to Saturday 10 AM to 5 PM Schedule SMS Feature
  • Delivery will be completed in 30 Minute to 12 hours minimum time duration in the panel
  • Entire interface is build Considering the customer edge
  • 24x7 Support in case any queries by means of Call, SMS, and Email.

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