Search Engine Submission (SEM)

Search Engine Submission

What is Search Engine Submission?

Search Engine Submission happens when websites submit pages for indexing. Search engine submission means that the website has started optimizing its website.

Search Engine Submission is the submission of a URL to a Directory or Search Engine for inclusion in its Index. We generally use the Google Webmaster Tools to submit our website but since last week Google has made the process simple by permitting to submit via search engine.

Search engine submission is a kind of service that usually carries after all the designing and on page optimization stuff completed. As just after search engine submission, the engine starts reading your website for listing purposes. Thus, be remember that you should accompany with designing part and on page seo part before implementing search engine submission services. Here, with thinktankinfo, you would find a team of Search engine submission that work for exploring and researching different search engines as per ranking and crawling behaviour.

There are mainly two methods for search engine submission. The first method allows you to submit one page at a time by using a webmaster tool like Google Webmaster Central or Bing Webmaster Tools. The second method allows you submit the entire site by submitting the homepage.

Benefits of Search Engine Submission:

  • It allows you to inform search engines about your presence and the product or services offered by you.
  • You can get your WebPages indexed in multiple search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  • It helps your site to be discovered quickly by web spiders and you don't need to wait for the web crawler to find it organically.
  • It is cost effective as you do not have to pay to get your site listed into search engines.
  • Thus, it improves your ranking in the search engine result pages.

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