Railway foot over bridge Advertisement

Railway foot over bridge Advertisement

What is Railway foot over bridge Advertisement?

The bridges that are constructed for pedestrians over various areas, usually to pass through a busy road or a railway track are Foot over bridges. For installation of hoardings, Glow sign boards, fly signage’s etc this proves to be an excellent site.

Foot Over Bridge is a bridge for pedestrians. It is built in congested traffic area for the convenience of the pedestrians. Both sides of the FOB are used as display area. The latest FOB is made of Eurobond/ACP (Aluminum Composite Panels), the branding on foot over bridges are really impressive and hardly to be missed by a large volume of traffic.

Some of the most creative way of advertising in airport are seen outdoor media. It’s an overlooked advertising medium that’s great for reinforcing communication communicated through other mediums such as television, radio, newspaper or magazines. What it is truly unappreciated by advertisers is its ability to create buzz with its OOH Advertising in India abilities, which are seemingly infinite, and its high target reach audience and frequency, which allows the advertisement to hit a many different customers more than once in selected markets.

One of the important structures in civil engineering is a bridge. Railway bridges are constructed to connect to platform separated by railway track to carry pedestrians safely from one platform to another platform and also to exit station. Nowadays Steel foot over bridges is widely adapted by railways. Steel bridges provide overall ease and economy for construction. Steel bridges are easy to construct within a short period of time. It is environment- friendly and commuter – friendly.

The fob uses lighter structural members making it easy to be erected on site. The connections used in fob are simple weld and bolt connection. The major advantage of steel fob is they can be cut or molded into any shape or size desired without wasting material. Steel structures can be pre-fabricated in the workshop or at a place away from site therefore less area at construction site is required and this is highly advantageous in congested urban areas.

Foot over bridges is provided at platform in such a place where it can carry maximum pedestrian traffic at peak hours and also at non peak hours. And also it could be very convenient to users from both sides of platform. Steel fobs can be used right from the time construction is over.

How is Foot over bridge outdoor Advertisement Used?

Foot over bridges makes for an excellent advertising opportunity as they are often constructed over those places where there is a large number of footfalls and often used by a very large number of people. Foot over bridge advertisement is done with the aim that the advertisers benefit from both the pedestrian footfall as well as the passing vehicles. Such places should be utilised keeping in mind the target audience and the foot over bridge location.

In metropolitan cities at high traffic junctures the foot over bridge are increasingly finding place and such places are appropriately put to use for advertising purpose.

Why to hire OOH advertising agency to use Foot over bridge outdoor advertisement?

A professional outdoor advertising agency always takes care in choosing correct foot over bridge with maximum visibility of the services/product. It reduces the advertising cost and takes care of any wear and tear of flex pasted on Foot over bridge. It reduces the advertising cost and takes care of any wear and tear.

Advantages of Foot over bridge outdoor advertisement?

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