Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper Advertising

A Newspaper advertising agency runs print ads in local or national, daily or weekly news publications. Newspaper advertising has been around longer than any form of advertising that exists today. It still is the first advertising choice to reach a large target audience, be it business, sports or lifestyle.

It has been observed that newspapers, in any format, are an important means of advertising i.e. highly desirable and effective to advertisers’ methods. Newspapers attract readers from all walks of life. As per a recent study by an acclaimed research agency, 79% of newspaper users took action on a newspaper ad in 2015. That is the reason printing ads in the newspaper is considered to be one of the best ways for a reaching out and covering a large number of potential clients.

Benefits of Newspaper Advertising:

Wide Audience:

Newspaper audiences are therefore diverse in their demographic profile and use the medium in different way.


There are many options to choose from when deciding which type of newspaper advertising is right for your business.


Newspapers have long been shown to be a trustworthy source of information. A recent study shows that newspaper is the most trusted paid medium at 58%, followed by television (54%), radio (49%) and online (27%).


Newspaper audiences have proven that they find the medium more engaging and have less distraction when compared to other mediums such as television.


Whilst offline newspapers are said to be in decline, digital newspapers have surged in their numbers with some consumers even using both platforms. This allows newspapers to reach a wider audience by reaching two very different markets. Furthermore, digital allows for further audience targeting as well as digital advertising.


Unlike other mediums, newspaper advertisements can be quite easily altered or changed if a business decided that an advertisement is not working. As long as the new material is provided before the given deadline, businesses are able to change their ad to something more suitable.


Newspapers allow for quite targeted advertising to specific areas or demographics especially in local or community newspapers. For example, if you were advertising a restaurant in Mumbai, Pune and only wanted to target people who lived in the local area, it would make sense to place an advertisement. This is compared to advertising in a state-wide or national newspaper which could run the risk of not reaching the target audience.

Effective for targeting shoppers:

Newspapers are an effective way for businesses such as retailers to target shoppers. It has been shown that newspapers are the most trusted medium for shoppers as well as the most favoured medium for shopping advertisements at 59%.


Many other media platforms are in constant contention with other mediums to gain the business (and the money). However, newspapers are different. Many newspapers have now developed online versions of their newspapers in order to ensure they are reaching the whole market. With 7/10 of the ten most popular offline newspapers having a digital platform, it is evident that having multiple platforms is important for businesses to reach a large audience.

Diverse options:

When choosing which type of newspaper advertisement you would like to purchase, a business must consider a number of factors including who their target audience is, their budget and so on. Newspaper provides people with a wide range of advertising options from large full-page spreads to small advertisements in the classifieds and everything in between.

Advantages of Newspaper Advertising:

  • As newspapers carry news, there is always a large demand and wide circulation.
  • Newspapers are read often and continuous publicity is possible. For example, by using daily papers, day-to-day publicity can be introduced.
  • By proper selection, appeal can be made to a selected class of readers.
  • Timely announcements can be made within a few hours of conceiving the idea.
  • The confidence of the readers in their newspapers is generally extended to the advertisements in such papers.
  • It is suitable for both direct and indirect selling and selling through the post is made possible.
  • It gives the opportunity for a lengthy appeal.
  • It serves as an introduction to follow-up system and forms a means of distributing application forms, coupons folders, etc.

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