Mobile Van Holding

Mobile Van Hoarding

What is Mobile Van Hoarding?

Mobile Van Hoardings are 10-foot graphics which allow you to make a powerful impact up close and very personal. Mobile van advertising as a form of outdoor advertising technique is the most proficient and successful.

Unlike many other advertising mediums Mobile Van Advertising has the capability of putting an advertisement at different places on different time. A mobile van is a vehicle on which the hoardings and banners are properly installed for advertising. Over a mobile van on the designated area the advertisement is placed and the van moves across places advertising for the product.

In a very short span of time Mobile van advertising thus is one of the most effective ways of reaching to the mass audience.

Why Mobile Van Hoarding?

Mobile Van is a vehicle that has an appropriate instalment for displaying the hoardings or banners. The Advertisement is placed in the designated area on the Mobile Van and it moves across places advertising and publicizing for the brand. It is one of the best and most effective ways of reaching to a large audience in a very short span of time.

A professional outdoor advertising agency always takes care of best advertisement / display at correct route. It knows better where to hold the vehicle and where to move on or where to park to have best visibility of advertisement.

Types of Mobile Van Hoarding:

As Delivery Vans:

It is the most popular practice of marketing under Mobile Van Advertising, wherein the brand uses the delivery vans as their promotional tool. The delivery vans with large size Advertisements with brand’s logo and graphics, for creating brand awareness and brand reinforcement.

As Live Kiosks:

Mobile Vans Advertising also came up with an innovative Advertising option wherein the Mobile Vans are designed to serve as mobile kiosks for brand promotions. We all remember the famous Kaun Banega Crorepati ‘hot seat’ Vans doing the rounds at busiest locations in city that indeed was an interesting marketing strategy. Various automobile brands like TVS, Honda also opts for Mobile Van Branding Services when comes for their increasing their product awareness and even as booking booths. Similarly, these live kiosks can be used for product sampling, announcing an upcoming event etc

As Digital Ads:

The latest in the range of Mobile Van Advertising is using Mobile Vans as digital mediums of Advertising by mounting LED screens on them and playing ads. It is the most interactive medium of mass communication. The audience cannot afford to miss them.

Important Highlight for Mobile Van Hoarding:

  • Innovative medium
  • Prominent visibility
  • Special area coverage near malls and theatres
  • Wider distance coverage
  • Highly cost effective
  • Double side display

Advantages of Mobile Van Hoarding:

Masses and Classes:

Mobile Van Advertisement in India is not restricted to only one place; the brand’s message reaches to one and all. It helps in creating a new market by making its presence felt and pushing the potential buyers to make the move of buying a particular product or service.

Higher Engagement:

Mobile Van Advertising can also be used for promoting the product specifications, product sampling or sometimes as a booking booth too. In case of promoting an event launch, the Vans can also be turned in to a live stage.

Loud and Clear:

Although, Mobile Van Branding Services is not ‘into the face’ kind of promotional strategy, but the massive Advertising panels on large vehicles cannot go unnoticed.

Hyper-Local Advertising:

While Advertising in Mobile Vans, Brands can even reach to the suburbs and rural areas where no other advertising media can reach.

Reach beyond Boundaries:

Mobile Van Advertising gives mobility to the Brand. Wherever the Van moves, it takes the Brand along, resulting into mass reach and greater visibility.

Higher Control:

You will have more control over your ad campaign. You can track the vehicle with your Mobile Billboard wherever it goes, so you know exactly who is being reached. If you see that the Mobile Van is passing through an area that is particularly dense with your target demographic, they can stop to have your ad noticed by potential buyers.

Subtle yet Impactful:

Unlike other promotion mediums such as radio or TV that interrupt the audience for presenting an ad, Mobile Vans communicates and marks its presence in a subtle manner.


It is certainly one of the most cost-effective OOH Advertising medium as it offers a complete package of better visibility, mass reach and effective communication, all in one vehicle.

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