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Link Popularity Analysis

What is Link Popularity Analysis?

Link popularity refers to the number of backlinks (incoming links) that point to a given website. In contrast to domain popularity, every backlink is counted separately. For example, in a blog about cars there are 10 different entries that have links to the website of a car dealer. In this case you would count a total of 10 backlinks. Link popularity used to be an important figure for search engines. These days many search engines have switched to focus on domain popularity, which in addition to quantity provides information about the quality of the backlinks. For this reason it is important to get as many high-quality backlinks as possible, since everyone who clicks on a backlink will be directed to your website.

Link popularity is a measure of how many websites are pointing hyperlinks at another website. A hyperlink is an HTML tag element that is able to take a user from site-to-site or from page-to-page.

The high link popularity shows that more people are connected to your site and it contains useful content and information. So, it is one of the important factors for the search engines to rank websites in search engine result pages, i.e. if there are two websites with same level of search engine optimization, the site with higher link popularity will be ranked higher than the other by the search engine. However, the links to your site should be quality backlinks. A quality backlink is a link that has content that relates to your site as well as has high popularity.

The benefits of link popularity Analysis:

Link Popularity is one of the most important and critical aspects of any effective search engine optimization campaign today. Link popularity is the most important off-page factors to consider improving for all websites. The key concept to understand about link building is, you don't need thousands of links to successfully compete, you just need the links that are the most related to your site with the highest quality possible.

How long the domain has been online:

Use the Links Plus+ tool to retrieve the number of sites linking in using the Yahoo! API. Yahoo! provides the most accurate backlink results and the API allows safe and legal link popularity checking

Do the inbound link pages contain optimized titles and body text with similar keywords to the link text?

Use the Links Plus+ tool to retrieve the Title tag of sites linking using the Yahoo! API. The body text has to be analyzed manually for the presence of related keywords.

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