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Invitation Design

What is Invitation Design?

If we consult to a comprehensive dictionary, Invitation has several meaning: Invitation can be an act of inviting, a solicitation, requesting of a person’s company, an invitation to a party, to a dinner, or to visit a friend.

Functionally Invitation is a document written or printed, spoken words, leaved message by which one is invited. So what is actually the definition of Invitation? Many people define an invitation as a request whether spoken or written to participate or be present or take part in something or event.

Benefits of Invitation Design:

  • Firstly and most importantly they’re cool, stylish, elegant and make the event feel more exclusive immediately. Do you think Vogue sends a Facebook invite or eVite to celebrities and models of their upcoming event or do you think they create and send beautifully designed and printed an invitation that highlights the exclusivity of their event?
  • Traditional is still the best way of reaching all targeted guests as everyone has to have an address but are not necessarily on Facebook or other social media. So make sure your Grandma gets her invite.
  • It’s more private, personal and shows that you have put some effort in, which psychologically means that you have put more effort into your event or party, enticing more people to answer yes to the RSVP.
  • Traditional invitations (wedding or not) are printed on paper and have the distinct advantage of a physical object to be held, admired, and on kept and framed. It’s your design and personality which allows you as an individual or business to show off your style

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