Forum Commenting

Forum Commenting

What is Forum Commenting?

Forum submission is one of the most conventional, yet effective, ways to generate backlinks that are necessary for boosting blog traffic and page ranking. It falls under an Off-Page SEO where you build a relationship with other forum members and take an active part in the discussions and help them with useful information.

Benefits of Forum Commenting:


Why not add a forum to your website itself? If the posts are interesting you will find easy traffic when members come back to check what is happening.


You can build good lot of backlinks by the method of forum submission. You can use signature links to link to your website. Once you reach a particular number of posts, forums allow you to use signature links.

Improves credibility:

Forums enable you to build credibility for your product/business in Mumbai. You can employ indirect marketing techniques in a forum when you are a regular participant.

Get connected:

Get engaged in top forums of your niche and you are sure to get company. You will develop connections with people who share the same view as yours. You can start your own thread, triggering a discussion, mingling with people in Mumbai.

Free advice:

You will come across people who are a lot more experienced in may be the same business as yours. You can always seek advice from them to help you improve your business in Mumbai.

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