Auto Rickshaw Advertising

Auto Rickshaw Advertising

Auto Rickshaw Advertising is the most effective mode of advertising because one auto rickshaw travels minimum 80 to 90 km in one shift so it catches maximum eyeballs. Auto Rickshaw Advertising is one of the best ways of advertising by which you can make people aware about your products and services.

By advertising and promoting their business in the market businessmen are able to increase their sales and profits of their business. Companies and firms can get a range of benefits from their business by hiring the service of Auto Rickshaw Advertising from Agency. We one of the best agencies that offer superior quality advertising services at affordable rates. This is one of the companies which serve clients across urban and rural parts of India.

Types of Auto rickshaw advertisement:

  • Auto rickshaw hood advertising
  • Auto rickshaw meter cover advertising
  • Auto rickshaw back seat advertisement
  • Auto rickshaw back panel advertising

Why Auto rickshaw advertisement?

  • Comprehensive experience and expertise in auto rickshaw advertisements, ensuring better RoI.
  • Extensive network of associates spread across multiple cities in India.
  • A dedicated team of advertising professionals offering end-to-end services, right from designing, planning to execution of the entire project.
  • An exact understanding of the client’s requirement, which helps to build effective advertising strategies, in the form of the targeting the right audience, and the right areas across the city.
  • The technical, strategic, and administrative expertise to deliver highly effective auto rickshaw advertisement services, irrespective of the city involved.

Benefits of rickshaw advertisement:

  • Cheaper rates than Hoardings and Print Media
  • Comparatively new space and generates more curiosity
  • Roaming visibility to your Brand for at least 16 hour a day
  • Average viewership of 5000 per Auto rickshaw
  • Auto Rickshaw travels at least 150 km per day
  • Cost per unique impression is less than any other media

Advantages of Auto-rickshaw Advertising:

  • Auto-rickshaws are one of the most preferred means of transport for the citizens of Mumbai.
  • They have a widespread reach. So, your product reaches every part of the city.
  • They operate throughout the day, which creates better and longer visibility.
  • We offer competitive auto-Mumbai advertising rates.

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